Why Inflammation Matters

inflammation weight loss May 03, 2016

Inflammation!  It's becoming the new ‘buzz word’ in the health world, and well it should!

Is inflammation affecting you?  Very likely YES!  Being aware of what inflammation looks like, how it’s impacting you and how to reduce it can transform virtually every area of your health!

There was a time when inflammation looked like a sore throat, or an infected wound, or perhaps arthritis (if you were older).

Today it has a lot of different names and it’s impacting virtually everyone:

  • Brain fog
  • Low energy
  • Poor sleep
  • Gas and bloating after meals
  • Painful joints
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Low or no sex drive
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Slow but steady weight gain
  • Stubborn pounds that you can’t loose
  • Out of balance hormones
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • . . . and the list goes on!

Conventional medicine is finally recognizing that inflammation is truly one of the root causes of virtually everything that ails us!  While there may be other causal factors, rest assured that inflammation is at the top of the list!  Controlling or reducing inflammation is the first and one of the easiest and most affordable steps you can take to getting your health back!

The first place to look for inflammation?  Your gut!  Yes, the health and condition of your stomach and intestines!  You know, the place that gets bloated and gassy after you eat!  The good news is that gas and bloating are your body’s way of trying to talk to you.  The problem is, most of us aren’t interested in listening!  Your body is telling you that what you ate isn’t working for you - not that you need another anti-acid!

When we eat foods that are inflammatory for us, our body does it’s best to tell us.  We get sleepy after eating, we see a small weight gain the next day, we get a head ache, or we have gas or indigestion or heart burn.  These symptoms, if not dealt with, will ultimately turn into brain fog, joint and muscle pain, poor sleep, poor skin tone, and so much more.  Unfortunately these are all considered normal by most people today.   In reality they are the early warning signals, the flashing red light on your dashboard, that you’re headed for an even bigger health crash.

With insurance premiums rising, deductibles soaring, and the overall health care system in an upheaval, this is not the time to rely on ‘modern medicine’ to solve your problem!  The first and simplest step is totally in your control . . . take control of what you’re feeding yourself!

Discovering and eliminating the foods from your diet that are inflammatory for you can dramatically and quickly change the trajectory of your health, giving you back your brain, reducing your pains, starting the weight loss process, balancing your hormones or improving you sleep.

Interestingly there is not a list of inflammatory foods (although many are common).  What’s inflammatory for you may or may not be inflammatory for your spouse, kids or best friend!  Nor is ‘healthy / unhealthy’ a definer of what is or isn’t inflammatory.  The good news is that it’s relatively easy to identify your inflammatory foods and replace them with foods that your body will love! 

Learning to identify and enjoy the foods that your body loves is the first step to eliminating inflammation in your body!  Cheryl Townsley’s Inflammation Breakthrough Program is designed to make that process simple and easy for you.  It starts with a simple 3-day cleanse, followed by a week of eating foods that are known to be very low inflammatory for most people.  With all of the recipes and support you need, she then takes you through a 3 week process of learning how to listen to your body and stop eating the foods that are inflaming your gut.

The key to your success?  Cheryl’s amazing recipes, no calorie counting, and cravings that are virtually eliminated!  You start feeling better and looking better in your first week, unwanted weight comes off, energy returns and your results encourage you to stick with the program and creating a new lifestyle that your body loves and that you'll love too!


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