Creating Motivation . . . The EASY WAY!

transformation Nov 02, 2018


Do you ever struggle with getting motivated to follow-through on your commitments?  Do you find that no matter how good your intentions, you seem to quit after about 2 weeks . . . no matter what?


This is common for many people for simple reasons. If those reasons aren’t addressed, the pattern will continue and then it becomes easier and easier to feel like a loser and a failure!


In the Facebook IBP video this week, I share the story of a young client who struggled with those issues.  She was exhausted, couldn’t work or go to school. Her digestion was a mess and she couldn’t sleep.


In her first appointment we created a protocol of food and supplements to address the issues.  The digestion cleared up quickly, which is common when you get the right digestive enzyme.

However energy and sleep symptoms had not changed.  I asked her a few questions and it became clear there was a pattern. 


She had set her alarm to be in bed by 11:00 p.m. and her sleep had been good . . . for 2 weeks.  I asked her what had changed.  Her response, “I forgot”.  Interesting!


Instead of looking at more protocols and/or tighter food restrictions, we took time to explore this pattern.  We also looked at what she was doing, which was escaping into Netflix at night and sleeping during the days.  This habit had begun several years back, after she was diagnosed with depression.


We put together a simple plan of two commitments, two consequences (of her choice) and an accountability plan. 


I love what Dr. Henry Cloud says about change in his book, Necessary Endingspage 103:

“By and large, people do not change without new structure.  Change must be structured for many reasons, but one is the way the brain works.  

Old patterns get reinforced unless a new discipline is introduced to override the old patterns.  New brain patterns must be developed from outside structure.”


This is why a coach/mentor is so helpful when you want to create change.  If you could have done it on your own, you would already have done it.


The keys for this client included:

  • Clarity on the commitment
  • Clarity on the consequence- - something she really disliked, but would only happen if she didn’t meet her commitment
  • Accountability


 Once we had this in place, she was actually interested to see what would happen.  I did suggest that at some point, the original issues that had led to depression would probably show up.  That way she would not be surprised if she had great success and then seemed to hit a road block.


Her entire family and I are thrilled to see her engaging in creating last change.  No one is become the source of her motivation – she is CHOOSING it.


If you struggle, maybe it is time for a coach, a game plan or perhaps some accountability.  In our Inflammation & Breakthrough Program there are many opportunities to engage in community, participate in accountability and discover what holds you back from getting the results that matter to you.

Be sure to watch the video for the whole story!

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