The EASY Approach Method: A Monthly Membership Program

Over the last 25+ years I've worked with thousands of clients, most of whom have lost hope.  The most commo...

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Turning Off The Cortisol Bath

Turning Off the Cortisol Bath - The newest series in Cheryl's EASY Approach Method for creating real change...

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Your Brain Made Easy

We want change, so we read the books, take the courses, and set the goals . . . all to find ourselves right back wher...

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Aha! Mentoring

In our stress-filled lives, we often feel we don’t have the time, energy or resources to do one more thing, let alone...

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COOKING For Life Cookbook

Immediate access to the cookbook PDF file with color pictures of each recipe. In addition you'll be mailed a Spiral ...

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From Overwhelm to Easy!

10 training videos - each with a lesson summary document Each video is short and designed to be non-overwhelming -...

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Balancing Hormones . . . The Easy Way!

An understanding of the aging process and how to recognize and reset the hormones that are impacting you.  It's ...

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Discovering and Living Your Values

This is our free gift to you - just complete the order form so that access can be granted. Knowing how to discover y...

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The Inflammation Breakthrough Program

  Discover the EASY way to reverse inflammation, restore mental clarity, balance hormones, create abundant ener...

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Inflammation Breakthrough Phase 2

So much more than just food impacts inflammation - learn how to identify and reduce inflammation coming from 'inflame...

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Beyond Goal Setting to Real Results

Yes, there is a reason why goal setting doesn't work! Goal setting not only sets you up for feeling like YOU are a fa...

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Your Best 24-Hour Day

Discovery how your body clock works, what it's telling you and how to use it to help create a healthier you!

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Flower Essences to the Rescue!

Are you looking for an affordable, easy, and powerful 'tool' to help support and heal both emotional and physical tra...

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Creating More Than Enough

Are your ready to move from lack to more than enough in your time, your finances or our relatioships? Let Cheryl show...

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Overcome Cravings and Stop the 'Melt-Downs!'

Great training that Cheryl keeps very easy!  When you're in overwhelm, the last think you need is 'hard'. Join h...

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Everything You Need to Create a Healthy You!

Stories that encourage you with an EASY Plan that lets you Discover while being supported and encouraged by an Amazing Community!


For years it has been my desire to have an easy and affordable way to help anyone with a desire to live a healthier more abundant life do that.

Today technology lets me do that!

The EASY Approach Method is the result of my work with thousands of clients, over 25 years, helping them discover and learn easy ways to create real change in their lives. With The Easy Approach Method I’ve made it so easy and so affordable that anyone can now have the tools, the training and the support they need to find hope and a path to rediscovering a life they can love and enjoy.

Enjoy: Weekly Lessons, Weekly Encouragement, A Private Facebook Group where I interact with you daily, Live Video Training that brings you the latest in what I’m learning and discovering, Immediate Access to all of the other programs shown above (Inflammation Breakthrough Program and Cookbook excluded),

PLUS: Significant Savings on most service and coaching fees! All for just $20/month!


In a world of hard and stress, your brain is always looking for something EASY.

Why don’t most goals work out? We make them too big, too audacious, and too S.M.A.R.T.! We don’t make them EASY!

EASY is how you were designed to learn. When you experience or create overwhelm, your brain immediately begins to work against you. Think for a moment about how a baby learns and how much they learn in just two short years. They diligently focus on one baby step at a time.

Letting Life Be EASY is at the heart of all I do and teach - it is what makes my training unique and it is what lets my coaching and programs create amazing results.

Are you ready to discover the EASY WAY? Are you ready to leave the world of OVERWHELM and begin creating real and sustainable results in your life?

Click in The Easy Approach Method Box above and get started now!


Is it time to get beyond the 'looping' behavior that keeps you stuck?

As you learn to ask questions and notice, you create completely new outcomes! Questions move you from judging to discovering. Good questions lead to the discovery of new thoughts and ideas.

Ask yourself, “Are the questions I’m asking taking me where I want to go or are they keeping me stuck?” When you discover something for yourself, there is a completely different level of ownership and revelation. I call it an Aha! Moment. Aha! Moments change everything - especially your results.

When you learn to DISCOVER, creating real results and change becomes EASY and FUN!

It’s time! Click the Learn More Link in the box above for the Easy Approach Monthly Membership Program and join our amazing community, as you continue to discover and create what matters to you.


After being on the Inflammation Breakthrough program for about 8 months I’ve had some amazing changes besides losing weight!

I have more energy and stamina than I’ve had in over 10-15 years. I’m at the lowest weight I’ve been in 15-20 years and most importantly, I FEEL GOOD! I’m not dealing with constant pain, or fighting IBS, or fatigue like I did for years. I can travel without jet lag getting the best of me (which is very good since I’m now traveling monthly in my job).

I am confident in my food choices, do not feel deprived and know when something is reactive or inflammatory for me.  There is power in that knowledge.

Thank you Cheryl and Forest for this amazing program.


I would have never thought this was possible. I was in such bondage and never imagined I could be free from it. With good medical advice, good nutrition, determination and a team of supporters, anything is possible with God’s help.

I am approaching 100 pounds gone and 26 inches gone! I have learned to go to the gym and enjoy exercising and I’ve restored my hope for a healthier future. I still have more to go, but I am well on my way. You’ve given me life-long skills for creating the health I desire, not a quick, short term fix.

Thank you Cheryl for being my coach - you've given me hope, encouragement and support through some very challenging times.

It’s amazing what you were able to do, working with me over the phone - half the country away! Your support, direction and program have been a ‘life-changer’.


I have been wanting to share my progress throughout this past year. When I first reported my weight on March 17, 2015 it was 192. My last report to you was on day 21 of the Inflammation Program, at 181.6. That was great progress and I was excited. I continued to hover around that weight until the summer began.

Throughout the summer my weight was in the low 180’s range. Mid-September I decided to start working on things again. I cut out grains, chocolate and most of the sugar I had been eating. Of course I continued eating some carbs and, having a glass of wine at night.

At that time I bought a Fitbit, stopped running and began walking. My goal has been about 5 miles daily. I've been faithful and my wife and I are enjoying walking together. It’s been a great blessing to both of us. We were walking before but not an hour a day and we both love it.

This morning my weight was 167.4, another new low. My goal is 165! I just want to tell you both a big THANKS! You have been a huge encouragement and blessing in our lives.