HOPE Program

**Video Note: The video above is a replay of the teaching I shared with E2000 which explains exactly what the HOPE Program is, and why you should consider signing up!


HOPE: Health - Original Purpose for Everyone

Are you looking for a breakthrough in your physical health and well-being?

Are you frustrated with nagging issues, fatigue, insomnia, brain fog, or just an overall lack of energy or vigor to do the things you love?

Are you concerned about maintaining your longevity and independence as you age?

At some point, you may have decided to address your physical health—perhaps you started a new diet, an exercise regime, or made a New Year’s resolution to “be healthy.”

If you’re like 95% of the population, your success was short-lived and you’re back at square one—or worse.

So, what exactly is health? And why is it so hard to get there?

The Hebrew word, shalom, best defines health. It signifies a sense of well-being and harmony both within and without. To walk in shalom is to have nothing broken and nothing missing in your life. It means prospering in body, soul, and spirit.

That’s the perfect health God intended you to have from the beginning.

In this comprehensive online course, you will address issues related to your physical body, but you will ALSO discover the rest of the equation. God created you with a body, soul, and spirit—and any approach to health must address all three.

God revealed His ancient paths from the Garden to help you walk in the shalom health that He intended you to have. If you are ready to journey through that door, you won’t want to miss this life-changing class.

Your past does not define your future. There is hope you can be healthy and whole!

The foundational principles, practical tools, and powerful strategies in this class will help you get there and stay there for the rest of your life.

What you'll get with your access to the HOPE Program:

  • Full Access to 37-Lesson Class
  • Notes for each lesson
  • Access to 4 Q&A Session Replays from HOPE Launch
  • Access to 7 Facebook LIVE Lesson Replays

*Note - the course is currently not being run as a live/interactive program. When it was recorded it was being run as a live program with daily interaction in a Facebook Group. Although the HOPE Facebook Group is currently not active, you can still connect with us on Facebook through our main account: facebook.com/lifestyleforhealth

The program is currently in replay mode - all content is released at purchase and you can go through it at your speed.

You will have access to the program for as long as it is available to our clients.

If you have questions or need help as you go through the program, please send us an email: [email protected]

We're here to help you succeed!


-Forest & Cheryl Townsley


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