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From Overwhelm to Easy!

10 training videos - each with a lesson summary document Each video is short and designed to be non-overwhelming -...

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Introduction to Light and Laser Therapy

Light is the basic component from which all life originates, develops, heals and evolves. Light is like food - the nu...

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Overcome Cravings and Stop the 'Melt-Downs!'

Great training that Cheryl keeps very easy!  When you're in overwhelm, the last think you need is 'hard'. Join h...

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Beyond Goal Setting to Real Results

Yes, there is a reason why goal setting doesn't work! Goal setting not only sets you up for feeling like YOU are a fa...

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Time to Move: Balance and Your Vestibular System

This is a continuation of the 2022 Time to Move Program. 4 Lesson focus on the vestibular system and balance. Class...

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