Beyond Messy Emotions


Welcome to Beyond Messy Emotions: Learning to Flourish in Times of Overwhelm, Anxiety and Uncertainty. 

Empowering you to use Interrupt, Disconnect, and Replace Messy emotions that are running your life in the wrong direction. When you feel you are a “hot mess” and have no clue how to get to peace and calm, you can create a change! You will learn how you can replace the stories you tell yourself that aren’t useful. Yes, it’s time to get back on track to where you want to go!

Let’s learn to work with your emotions to create the life you desire and let go of the ones that no longer serve you!



In this course WE WILL:

  • Meet you where you are - with baby steps taken the EASY WAY 
  • Empower you with skills and resources you can use the rest of your life - at no cost! 
  • Give you tools to interrupt, replace, or disconnect from the overwhelm, anxiety, and uncertainty. 
  • Introduce you to flower essences to help create better results.  


Course Content Includes over 50 easy video lessons covering

5 Easy Interrupt Tools

  • Calm 5 or Fields of Flowers
  • Vagus Reset, Breathing
  • Emotion Clock for Vulnerable Time -- affirmations
  • Move and Have Some Fun


5 Easy Disconnect Tools

  • Acceptance and Forgiveness
  • Creating New Stories and letting go of the old


4 Easy Replacement Tools

  • Giving Yourself Grace (stress bucket)
  • Baby Steps - the EASY WAY!


Your Brain and your Emotions

  • Brainstem vs. Logic - Understanding how your brain works so you can work with it instead of against it
  • The last 2 years’ impact on life going forward (fear, isolation, overwhelm, and uncertainty)
  • Story Time and Writing a New Story
  • Power of EASY & Baby Steps
  • Relax, Move and Play
  • Breathing and Vagus Nerve Resets


The Emotion Clock

  • Vulnerable times evening/day or morning/night
  • Imbalanced emotions
  • Learn how to connect to your strengths and practice affirmations to remind you of those strengths. The power of flowing


Next Steps

  • How to maintain and build on your investment in this program for lifetime benefit
  • Supplement Resources


Understanding and Using Bach Flower Essences

  • Reference manual and guide for all Flower Essences and Assessment Questionnaire 
  • Individual Videos for each of the 38 Bach Flower Essences
  • This is the same content Cheryl used to teach in a 2-day seminar to health care professionals



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