Turning Off The Cortisol Bath

Turning Off the Cortisol Bath - The newest series in Cheryl's EASY Approach Method for creating real change and lasting results! 

Available at no cost to all members of the EASY Approach.

Cortisol, also known as the 'Stress Hormone,' is activated by the fight-or-flight response, i.e. stress! In our world of 24/7 stress, cortisol is emerging as the culprit in many health problems.

Conditions impacted by cortisol include, obesity/belly fat, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, immune function, depression, osteoporosis, hypertension, sex drive, mental focus and more . . . in other words too much cortisol can make your look and feel lousy!!

True to her passion for "Letting Life Be EASY", Cheryl gives you simple steps you can take to begin reducing stress and excess cortisol.

Remember, no matter what your challenge or what change you desire, "There is always a next, most useful and easy step!" Cheryl Townsley. 


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