Create the Movement and Body Ability You Want!


Movement is the currency of life. When we lose our ability to move, our quality of life rapidly diminishes, regardless of our age.

It's time for a deeper dive into neurology and your brain.

Science has now proven that we can improve the quality of our movement and functioning of our brain at any age! It all starts with learning how to active your body and brain with specific movement drills - You'll learn to master over 40 of these drills, plus so much more over the next 12 weeks! Are you ready for the next step on your health journey?

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What will YOU look like and feel like at the end of this  discovery & learning adventure?

Don't wait until...

  • your balance is failing.
  • your movement is restricted.
  • you're moving with pain.
  • your vision is fading.


In this course, you'll learn to…

  • Activate your brain
  • Activate your body
  • See better
  • Balance better
  • Move Better
  • Alleviate pain


Join Forest Townsley, certified Z-Health neuro-movement coach for Time To Move — a movement training system that focuses on the nervous system: the high-speed network that controls everything your body does — from movement, to pain, to balance, and even to the quality of our vision. As a result, regardless of age or activity level, all of us have the potential to improve our vision, balance and movement!

Time To Move targets the nervous system through very specific joint range of motion exercises called dynamic joint mobility drills. These exercises offer a powerful pathway to making your nervous system smarter about movement. This translates into a smoother, faster, more powerful, and more coordinated you!

This course is laid out as a 12 week program (12 teaching lessons) along with 40 mobility drill lessons to get you started on the discovery process of improving your movement - but you can go as fast or slow as you want!

Special bonus videos are included on your feet, improving your vision and improving your balance.

As with all of our programs,  all future enhancements to the program are included in your purchase price and you have lifetime access to the program. You can stop, start and replay any lesson as many times has you wish.

A 75-page course manual is also included.


Here's What You'll Find in This Program: 

  • A system for taking one step at a time - just like climbing a mountain
  • My dad always taught me to focus on the next step when climbing! Yes I leaned to climb on Mt Rainier!
  • Slow and steady is a belief system that always let you win
  • Recognize and celebrate small, 1% wins
  • Based on easy and consistency
  • Stay connected to a community on the same journey - relationships compound and accelerate results
  • Master the basics of movement - movement skills compound and ultimately restore the whole
  • Learn to create better inputs in order to get better outputs - successful change starts in your brain!
  • Continual learning - learning to create wow and aha moments that inspire and encourage you
  • Learn to play, notice, discover and create
  • A journey / process that you and your brain can fall in love with and not resist
  • Supports developing an ‘athlete identity’
  • Working with your brain to create new neuro-maps, neuro programs, behaviors, and habits that are congruent with your true or desired identity
  • It’s easy, fun and self-inspiring - this is about you and your journey
  • Guided by a coach who is taking the journey with you and helps you maintain the focus to see your wins
1 Payment of $297.00

It’s Time to Explore Your Potential!


You can find out - by unlocking your neurology - what are you really capable of, at any age, at any starting point, if you have clarity, focus, encouragement, coaching and support for 90 days!

We've been in uncertain times, with much increased stress.

Learning to move better = decreased stress = less overwhelm!

Movement is the currency of life.

It’s time to make your currency stronger every day, one step at a time. 

Super Charging Your Life: Live Strong / Finish Strong with Purpose, Joy, Passion and Laughter!

Anxiety, Brain Fog, Insomnia, Stiffness, Chronic Pain?

What if you could change it all with the flip of a switch?

This is the resource program your want as an on-going reference tool! Goes beyond the introduction you had in the HOPE Program.

  • All 12 cranial nerve resets taught
  • 9 neurology lessons
  • 9 additional lessons on keeping your brain healthy and strong
  • Program Manual
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This is one of our original programs, and it applies more today than ever!


If you're exhausted, overwhelmed, constantly worried, can't sleep or are just living an overly maxed-out life, then you know that 'figuring' out how to do more isn't going to solve the problem! Let Cheryl show you how to “Overcome Overwhelm . . . The EASY Way!” Yes there are options that will let you overcome overwhelm without becoming more overwhelmed!

  • 10 Lessons - each with a summary document
  • Each lesson covers one of 10 skills that Cheryl uses when working with both her executive clients and her wellness clients. She knows they work because they've been tested and proven 100's of times!
  • Free bonus when you purchase the program by Sunday the 25th! 


1 Payment of $297.00

Movement is the Currency of Life

Quality movement is how the brain is activated to stay healthy and alert! Science has now shown that we can improve our ability to move and the quality of our brain function at any age! BUT . . . you have to know how to work with your brain to create those results!

Are you ready to take the next step to a healthier, more fit, more athletic you . . . at any age?

(The picture is me hiking in the back country of Yosemite National Park about 1970 - where my father and I were both born and my grandfather was the park's first Chief Ranger)