We’ve all heard the human body is an intricately-designed, living miracle with a profound capacity to heal itself.


Yet, the brain is the gatekeeper and traffic controller to all your body’s systems. So, wouldn’t it make sense that any path to healing must first go through your brain’s specific method of communicating with your body?

Many persistent or unexplained problems crop up when we work against our brain’s processing network. This conflict alone explains why many of our efforts to heal have failed to produce any real results.

 The key to overcoming, then, is to work with your brain to release your body’s own healing abilities.


We call it The Miracle Switch for good reason:

  • Your effort will be surprisingly easy
  • The results are immediate
  • You’ll learn to reset your cranial nerves —
    like flipping a fuse box reset switch



In this series, you'll learn…



Discover how your brain flows

  • It does this whether you know it or not and whether you want it to or not.
  • This is the master key to creating lasting change.


Learn how to fuel your brain

  • A brain running on empty has little potential to create anything other than minimal survival.


Uncover the power of easy and recess!

  • Yes, you have to have recess every day!
  • Learn the secret of why ‘hard’ will always result in failure.



Master the stress/threat bucket

  • Learn what slows you down and what speeds you up.


Discover how your brain thinks and what it's trying to tell you

  • The ability to reset your brain changes everything.


The Miracle Switch — Learn to reset your cranial nerves

  • Just like the fuses in your home, sometimes the fuses that run your brain need to be reset!
  • Learn the specific techniques that will let you reset each of your 12 cranial nerves.


Are you ready to work with your brain to create the life that matters to you—at any age, anywhere, and anytime?


Then it’s time to flip The Miracle Switch!