Fast Track on the Move!

It's time for a FAST TRACK PLAN to create your Lifestyle for Health!

This 12-week coaching and training program will help you Fast Track your healthy lifestyle, and will set you up for long-term success!

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • How to know where you are now in your lifestyle for health and how to reset, restart, or course-correct to create a healthy, youthful lifestyle!

  • How to understand and respond to the ways that life stress and the stress of the unknown affect your physical body, energy, and mental presence.

  • How to use your hormones FOR YOU, not against you, to keep your energy, sleep, and body weight where you want them.

  • How specific movement training and neurology-based exercises can create the youthful movement and health you're looking for throughout your body, joints, and muscles... even without a gym or studio.

  • How to calm your body, brain, and nervous system in times of overwhelm and anxiety, without medications.

  • Easy exercises and drills that can give you energy, calm you down, or improve your mood - depending on how and when they're used.

  • Tips for yourself, your family, and your loved ones that can help keep you healthy and feeling great... now and for years to come!

The 12-Week Coaching Program Contains:

  • Weekly teaching videos on healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and emotional wellness education & techniques from Cheryl

  • Resources for nutrition & diet, including the 3-Day Diet Reset, Blood Type nutrition info, How to Avoid Common Inflammatory Foods, and Preferred Food Substitutes

  • Tools for behavior change & building habits that focus on successful change that can be sustained and celebrated - baby steps! 

  • Easy, effective movement training drills to help your body make the physical changes you want - weight loss, physique improvement, and energy gain

  • The Lifestyle for Health Journaling system, for assessment and progress tracking - as well as feedback on what isn't working

  • Mindset coaching to help you realize how successful you can be and how to reach that level - and how to overcome your setbacks

  • Emotional techniques that help you align your emotions with your desired outcomes, and not let emotional obstacles take you down 

  • Two cookbooks - 60 pages of recipes created specifically for this program plus a full copy of Cheryl's best selling cookbook Chocolate and Everything Else 
    • Both cookbooks are pdf downloads (not hard copies)


Live Video Coaching:  The program is currently not in 'live mode'. What is available are the recordings of the live coaching sessions we did during the last live/interactive session. These bonus sessions include:

  • Once a week in the kitchen with Cheryl and Forest - making the kitchen fun with food you and your family will love! This is the perfect season to learn how to enjoy healthy, happy family meal times!

  • Once a week - somewhere in the house or yard with Forest, bringing novel and fun movement drills into your life - Lets learn to offset a year of sitting with movement that activates your brain and strengthens your body.


The techniques in Fast Track on the Move are the BEST of our 30+ years in Health & Wellness:

  • Simple

  • Powerful

  • Tap into Consistent, Reachable Success

  • Fast, Forward Progress!


AS ALWAYS . . . All of Our Programs Come with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

  • Use the product's techniques & movement drills for 30 days!

  • If you try this program, with its full approach, for 30 days and it’s missing anything we’ve said, or you still think it can’t help you… 

  • Just call us and ask for your money back. No problem - we are always here to support and encourage you on your health journey.

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