The Inflammation Breakthrough Program


Discover the EASY way to reverse inflammation, restore mental clarity, balance hormones, create abundant energy and manage weight. The EASY Plan is customized for you and helps you create a lifestyle that your body loves!

After 20+ years of clinical work, helping clients lose weight by creating healthier lifestyles, eating foods to match their blood type, eating to match their metabolic profile, eating high protein diets, doing extensive cleanses, and more, Cheryl always sensed that there was a missing piece.

Most of the clients who came to her were the tough cases - the people for whom nothing else seemed to work. Her passion has been to find solutions for the 'tough cases'! When she discovered the impact of foods on inflammation, she knew she had discovered a missing link. A series of 30-day program trials, on a mixed sampling of her clientele, created the biggest and most significant health and weight changes she had seen over her entire 20+ year career of working with thousands of clients.

Those one-on-one trial studies, combined with her years of clinical experience, allowed her to see the patterns that let her put together this course - giving you an affordable and easy way to transform your eating, and your health, in less than 21 days. Clients saw a weight loss of 3-15 pounds (her average client lost 10 pounds and 3.5 inches off their waist in 3 weeks). The average weight loss in the first week was 5.6 pounds! All of this by simply learning to discover the foods that work well for your body and the ones that don't. For example did you know that salmon, considered a very healthy food by most, is one of the more reactive foods for most people? One of her clients, a fitness trainer, who had been unable to lose just 5 unwanted pounds off her waist, lost that weight and her unwanted stomach 'roll' in just 5 days when she eliminate her top 3 reactive foods - the biggest culprit? The preverbial 'good for you', red bell peppers that she ate every day for a snack!

The results of the program ended up going far beyond just weight loss. We have watched clients who didn't need to lose weight see their mental clarity restored, their energy return, their sleep improve, aches and pains reduced or eliminated and hormones brought back into balance. You will not lose weight if that's not a need your body has.

When you deal with the root causes of inflammation, the body begins a rapid healing process, working on what needs to be worked on. So whatever your challenge, learning to eliminate gut inflammation is your first step!

With over 30 training videos and audio files, program manual, recipes, self-customization directions, and eating guidelines based on your blood type and metabolic profile, PLUS over 20 FAQ videos, recorded Q&A conference calls and the support of an exclusive group Facebook page, you'll see the weight coming off quickly, energy coming back, sleep improving, hormones stabilizing, and other health benefits that you only dreamed would come true for you.

The Program Includes:

  • Get Started, 30 minute, coaching call with Cheryl
  • Program Manual - PDF file for immediate download and hard copy mailed to you
    • Step by Step directions to customize the program
    • Recipes for the first 7 days - we make it easy to know exactly what to do
    • Eating and shopping guidelines based your customized needs
  • 30+ Simple to follow coaching videos to take you step by step through the program
  • 20+ FAQ videos for all of your questions
  • 15+ Audio Calls from Cheryl's weekly group coaching calls
  • Access to our private Facebook Group for daily interaction with both Cheryl and our community
  • Lifetime access to the program and the Facebook community
  • Access to the program for all family members living in one home (honor system to not share the program outside of your immediate family)
  • Discounted "Jump-Start" coaching appointment with Cheryl available for $125 ($250 value) to have all of your food and supplement choices tested and customized just for you. This can be done in our office or via long distance. Call for details: 719-488-5688
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee



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