Let's Get Moving!

The 90-Day "Get Moving" Challenge that will help you
create the movement and body ability you want!

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LIVE on Thursdays at 9:00 AM Mountain Time 

August 13 - November 5

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Join The 90-Day Movement Challenge Now!

What will YOU look like and feel like at the end of this 90 day discovery & learning adventure?

This journey is part of the process of becoming the whole you!

What renewed, stronger, more able, more mobile you are you ready to create?

  • 90 Days to “My Life . . . By Choice”!
  • 90 days - A series of 3, 30-day connected challenges: Decide, create, assess, repeat
  • 90 days to improved brain/body awareness and brain alertness
  • 90 days to creating better fitness, and movement without a gym (the gyms are gone) - letting your world become your gym!
  • 90 days of fun, easy, and inspiring movement with less pain, more joy, more play, and more community celebration of each other!
  • 90 days to create new evidence and proof that you are... An athlete, A learner, A success at creating what matters to you

Weight loss is optional... but improved movement supports a leaner body!

This is not a goal setting program - this is a creating system that teaches you to win by creating!

This is not another exercise program, but you will get stronger!

You will learn specific movement and neurology-based exercises that will help create the youthful movement, strength, and health you're looking for throughout your body, joints, and muscles... even without a gym or studio.

God’s original intent for you, being made in His image, includes you also being a creator!

The key ... having a coach, a system, and a community that will teach, coach, encourage and engage you to keep playing the game of life well - creating more of the life you desire every day!

This is the program I want for me - it’s the journey I want to go on!! 

Creating a stronger, leaner, more capable body and energized brain at age 66!

How about you?


Here's What You'll Find in This Program: 

  • A system for taking one step at a time - just like climbing a mountain
  • My dad always taught me to focus on the next step when climbing! Yes I leaned to climb on Mt Rainier!
  • Slow and steady is a belief system that always let you win
  • Recognize and celebrate small, 1% wins
  • Based on easy and consistency
  • Stay connected to a community on the same journey - relationships compound and accelerate results
  • Three 30 day journeys connected together - enough time to create, see and celebrate tangible wins
  • Master the basics of movement - movement skills compound and ultimately restore the whole
  • Learn to create better inputs in order to get better outputs - successful change starts in your brain!
  • Continual learning - learning to create wow and aha moments that inspire and encourage you
  • Learn to play, notice, discover and create
  • A journey / process that you and your brain can fall in love with and not resist
  • Supports developing an ‘athlete identity’
  • Working with your brain to create new neuro-maps, neuro programs, behaviors, and habits that are congruent with your true or desired identity
  • It’s easy, fun and self-inspiring - this is about you and your journey
  • Guided by a coach who is taking the journey with you and helps you maintain the focus to see your wins

Join The 90-Day Movement Challenge Now!

1 Payment of $97!
3 Payments of $38!

It’s Time to Explore Your Potential!

You can find out - by unlocking your neurology - what are you really capable of, at any age, at any starting point, if you have clarity, focus, encouragement, coaching and support for 90 days!

I've done it THREE times before... once to climb Pike's Peak and twice to complete the Wildflower Triathlon!

So why is it time to address this again, this year? 

We've been in uncertain times, with much increased stress.

Learning to move better = decreased stress = less overwhelm!

Wouldn't that be nice? 

Second, many people are facing Decision Fatigue!

People are being forced to make many new decisions, which adds additional brain stress.

Familiar patterns of decision making are being disrupted = increased stress and overwhelm.

This new world requires new decisions on what is safe/unsafe because of having to make non-normal decisions.

New decision making requires more energy.

Join us by making one decision for the 90 Day Challenge and you’re done with that decision for 90 days! 

Now just show up and do that decision with the support, direction and encouragement of your coach and community.

This one decision cuts out decision fatigue in one area of your life - fitness, movement and self-care.

We're here to help you create a new you!

Movement is the currency of life.

It’s time to make your currency stronger every day, one step at a time. 

Super Charging Your Life: Live Strong / Finish Strong with Purpose, Joy, Passion and Laughter!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Join The 90-Day Movement Challenge Now!

1 Payment of $97!
3 Payments of $38!