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  • Get back into the jeans you love!
  • Step out of overwhelm and into EASY!
  • Rediscover real hope for a healthy, active you!
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Cheryl Townsley, Naturopath and Wisdom Coach

Sherri W.

"It's funny the changes you notice. I've shopped in the plus size department for so long . . . it's taken awhile for me to make the shift and shop in the misses department without first browsing the plus sizes!

Thank you Cheryl for your Inflammation Breakthrough Program and for the on-going support, training and encouragement of your Easy Approach Program!"

Why Easy Matters?


Join the EASY Approach Program and Community

Over the last 25 years thousands of people from around the world have worked with Cheryl Townsley as a Naturopath, Wisdom Coach and Home Economist, through her Lifestyle for Health Wellness Clinic.

The most common problem she hears is, "I'm overwhelmed, exhausted, and just want to know there is hope for my situation. Please, just tell me what to do."

Lasting solutions always start with EASY . . . When you're exhausted, overwhelmed, not sleeping, dealing with brain fog, extra weight, or pain, the first step to healing has to start with EASY!

More About Cheryl

Experience EASY!

Are you ready to go beyond the self-sabatoge that keeps you stuck?

Your failure is not your fault!

That famous saying, 'No Pain, No Gain' should more accurately be stated, 'All Pain and No Gain!' This is the reality for most people who have come to see me in my clinic.

When I discovered the principles of 'easy' and began sharing them with my clients, the shift in results was profound. Are you ready to  experience a Healthier You, Made EASY?

Then it's time to take the Easy Approach to achieving your health goals!


Take a Look at What You Get! 

  • Weekly Lessons: Just one a week to keep it easy, letting you learn how to let health, life and change be easy and fun!
    • Only one lesson a week because easy is the first step your brain looks for in order to embrace change
    • Take time to practice, discover and learn
    • Keeps you out of hard and overwhelm
    • Each lesson builds on the previous - you focus on baby steps
  • Weekly Encouragement Emails: Helping you stay on track - many say this is their favorite part of the program!
  • Private Facebook Group: My time and place to personally interact with you every day!
  • FB Live Video Training: Exclusive for just this group!
  • Free Access to many of my other on-line training programs (Over $1,000 in value) - Currently Includes:
    • Turn Off The Cortisol Bath
    • Your Brain Made Easy
    • Overcome Cravings and Stop the Melt-Downs
    • From Overwhelm to Easy
    • Balancing Your Hormones the EASY Way
    • Aha! Mentoring
    • Beyond Goal Setting to Real Results
    • Flower Essences to the Rescue
    • Your Best 24-Hour Day
    • Creating More Than Enough
    • Discovering and Living Your Values
    • Overcoming Lifestyle and Emotional Inflammation
  • Training is based on 25+ years of real results, working with thousands of clients.
  • Discounts on personal appointment fees!
  • No long-term commitment: You're never at risk. You can stop your membership anytime.
All for just $20/month, or about the price of a fast food meal and a drive-thru latte once a month!
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Step Out of Overwhelm

In a world of 'hard and stress' the brain is always looking for what's easyEasy is how you were designed to learn!

When you experience or create overwhelm, your brain immediately begins to work against you, preventing you from creating the new! 

Think for a moment about how much a baby learns in just 2 short years! They diligently focus on one baby step at a time, always keeping it easy and fun - not hard!

The Easy Approach Program is always focused on helping you take the next most useful and easy step!

"Hello to you both. Wanted to report that I am feeling amazing. Don't need my eye shots anymore, and have come off all but one allergy medicine. This summer I've been biking swimming hiking and doing yoga with very few headaches. You guys are a blessing! "

Lisa R.

"Sometimes it seems like a slow process but I'm learning that the tortoise really does win in the end! Thanks you for teaching me to take baby steps and to celebrate the progress I make with each step!"

Sherri W.

"I feel so much grace already in this program. For too long I have been an all or nothing kind of person. I'm grateful my mind is shifting to embracing and celebrating baby steps! I've now lost over 30 pounds and 32 inches and it's staying 'lost!' "


"Cheryl this message is so encouraging. I have been living years in overwhelm and with tunnel vision. Just reacting to the chaos around me . . . And I'm exhausted! It had been my mission the past few months to find my way out, to seek knowledge. I'm thankful for God's timing in leading me here. It is such a deep desire in me to see people in community, living out their purpose!"

Katie D.

Why the EASY Approach?

For years it has been my desire to have an Easy and Affordable way to help anyone who has the desire, live a healthier and more abundant life. Too often money is a limiter to creating a healthier lifestyle - now that obstacle has been removed!

The EASY Approach Program is the result of my work with thousands of clients, over 25 years, helping them discover and learn the Easy Principles for creating real and lasting changes in their lives and their health. 

Now technology makes it easy for me to share those same skills & lessons with you for one low, affordable monthly price!

The Easy Approach Program makes it easy and affordable for anyone to now have the tools, the training, and the support they need to find hope and a path to rediscovering and creating the health and the life that they desire; a life that they can love and enjoy living! 

Susan L.

I would have never thought this was possible! I was in such bondage and never imagined I could be free from it. 

Thank you Cheryl for being my coach! You've given me direction, hope, encouragement and support through some very challenging times!

Anne K.

"From 230 lbs down to 173 lbs - 60 pounds changes everything! Yes, transformation can happen after age 60. Aches and pains gone, vision improved, candida symptoms gone and respect from my husband is way up! Thank you Cheryl for changing my life forever and helping me do something with my body that I've never been able to do before!"

Join the EASY Approach Community

There's no risk. You can cancel your membership anytime.
All of this for about the price of one fast food meal and a drive-thru latte once a month!

Deprivation is NOT Part of the Program!

My two cookbooks, are filled with easy and amazing recipes that you, your family and your friends will absolutely love!
It's time to bring back your love for great food that is easy to fix and tastes amazing!

Kristi M.

"Cheryl Townsley is a genius!!  I have worked with other naturopath healers in the past but haven't had the success I have with Cheryl.  

Her cookbooks were my saving grace! As I am working on the inflammation in my body, I chose to omit foods that I had been eating for years.  I considered myself a healthy eater, but the food I was eating was working against me.  

If it hadn't been for Cooking for Life, I would have been bored and eating the same thing everyday - which most likely would have ended quickly.

Her cookbooks have given me new recipes and foods that I really enjoy.  I am so grateful to have the tools I need to heal my body from the inside out.

True health really does start in the garden, with the foods we eat!"

Order Your Cookbooks!

A Personal Thank You From Cheryl

Results have always been my primary motivation when working with clients in my office. The Easy Approach Community is a virtual extension of those in-person connections. I truly do look forward to supporting your successful health transformation!


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