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The Fast Track to Lifestyle for Health! - 50% Discount!

The 12-Week Training Program Contains:

  • Weekly teaching video on education & techniques

  • Weekly video on neurology education & movement training

  • Resources for nutrition & diet

  • Tools for behavior change & building habits

  • Easy, effective movement training drills to help your body do the physical change

  • The Lifestyle for Health Journaling system, for assessment and progress tracking - as well as feedback on what isn't working

  • Mindset coaching to help you realize how successful you can be and how to reach that level - and how to overcome your setbacks

  • Emotional techniques that help you align your emotions with your desired outcomes, and not let emotional obstacles take you down

  • Private FB Community of people who are on the journey to a Lifestyle for Health alongside you.  CONNECTION!

  • Live video support from Forest & Cheryl in that FB group to help you through your week, teach more depth, and give you encouragement & support

Here's What You'll Learn & Apply in The Fast Track:

  • A proven 12-week training program to get you started FAST, yet build the routines that will sustain a lifetime of healthy habits.

  • How to know where you are now in your lifestyle for health and how to reset, restart, or course-correct to create a healthy, youthful lifestyle!

  • How to understand and respond to the ways that life stress and the stress of the unknown affect your physical body, energy, and mental presence.

  • How to use your hormones FOR YOU, not against you, to keep your energy, sleep, and body weight where you want them.

  • How specific movement training and neurology-based exercises can create the youthful movement and health you're looking for throughout your body, joints, and muscles... even without a gym or studio.

  • How to calm your body, brain, and nervous system in times of overwhelm and anxiety, without medications.

  • Easy exercises and drills that can give you energy, calm you down, or improve your mood - depending on how and when they're used.

  • Tips for yourself, your family, and your loved ones that can help keep you healthy and feeling great... now and for years to come!

The techniques in Fast Track are the BEST of our 30+ years in Health & Wellness:

  • Simple

  • Powerful

  • Tap into Consistent, Reachable Success

  • Fast, Forward Progress!

AND... It Comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee! No Questions Asked

  • Use the product's techniques & movement drills for 30 days!

  • Give yourself the opportunity to come out of COVID-19 healthier and more hopeful than when it started

  • If you try this program, with its full approach, for 30 days and it’s missing anything we’ve said, or you still think it can’t help you… 

  • Just call us and ask for your money back. No questions asked.